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Dr. Peter A Levine is the founder of Somatic Experiencing. In this 1 hour transcribed interview with Erik Kerr, Host of the Healing Addiction Summit, they discuss the following topics: 

- Dr. Levine's biggest and most recent "AHA" in SE work
- his definition of trauma
- what he is most excited about in his work right now
- how to overcome the financial obstacles to reliable therapy
- The concept of Titration
- The dangers of the "Bliss Bypass" and true healing
- What comes first? Somatic Experiencing or Meditation and how do they work together? 
- How to attain autonomy and empowerment that allows patients to live independent of their therapists
-The role of psychedelics in therapy 
- How to address addiction and trauma as a loved one and supporter
- How to think about and address generational trauma
- He counsels on very specific questions and real cases

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